Digital Vehicle Inspections at Rad Air

January 5, 2022

Digital Vehicle Inspections at Rad Air

Providing Accessible and Convenient Vehicle Health Reports for Clients

It should come as no surprise that just about everything we do in our daily activities has some type of connection to the digital world. Sure, when top technicians prepare to make a needed repair to your vehicle, they have many tools at their disposal—wrenches, screwdrivers, power tools, and more. But how are they able to track and log those needed repairs and maintenance for your car? Along with their expertise and highly trained eyes, Rad Air automotive technicians use digital vehicle inspection software tools to find and fix past, current, and potential vehicle problems.

Gone are the days of logging repairs and services with a pen and paper: Our team has embraced the use of more advanced automotive technology and devices in order to be able to digitally log—and record high-quality images and videos—of what’s going on with a client’s vehicle. This process is beneficial for the technician and the client.


Understanding the DVI Report

Creating a Detailed Log of Your Vehicle’s Service History

When a vehicle receives a digital vehicle inspection at our Fairlawn or Wickliffe locations, all of that information is logged in our shop management system. That means that any of our technicians can pull up your last vehicle service report and get an instant picture of your vehicle’s health: This includes what services or repairs were provided for your vehicle recently and what should be inspected for repair on this current visit.

There are several elements that appear in every DVI report that we run for a Rad Air client. The first is a color-coded assessment of the vehicle’s general condition and health. As shown in the graph below, our technicians use colors to represent their assessment:

Green: Checked & Okay
Yellow: May Require Attention Soon
Red: Requires Immediate Attention
Grey: Not Applicable
Light Grey: Incomplete

Vehicle Health Chart

The report findings are supplemented with high-quality photos and/or videos, as well as notes regarding the issues detected. For example, if a technician was inspecting the fluids in the vehicle, any fluids that were checked and okay would be listed with a green checkmark. If the technician suspects that a brake fluid flush is going to be needed soon, he may include a note so that this service could be addressed during the client’s next service visit.


Fluids Dashboard

The Benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspection

• Stores all relevant vehicle information in a shared database
• Improves accessibility of vehicle history to all service technicians
• Gives the client an easy-to-understand and visually detailed report of their vehicle’s health
• Helps clients understand why and when certain vehicle services will be needed
• Allows service technicians to text or email a photo or video to a client explaining a needed repair


Receive a Digital Inspection of Your Vehicle

Available at Our Fairlawn and Wickliffe Locations

Rad Air is committed to using the very best automotive repair technology available to deliver the best possible services to our clients. We are committed to fixing your vehicle right the first time, charging a fair price, never selling you a service that you do not need, and—at the end of the day—making sure our clients are happy. Digital vehicle inspections, and the reports they produce for our clients, help us do our job better, and provide you with a thorough understanding of your vehicle’s health. While this technology is currently being used at our Fairlawn and Wickliffe locations, we expect to introduce it to all of our Rad Air shops in the near future.

If you are interested in receiving a DVI of your vehicle, schedule your service reservation today.

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