Rad Air Invests in Technology and Training for ADAS Calibrations in Cleveland, Ohio

November 4, 2022

November 4, 2022

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are features designed to increase the safety of driving a vehicle, from automatic stopping and lane keeping to adaptive cruise control.

Each year, the percentage of new vehicles in the United States manufactured with ADAS rises. As this number continues to rise, so does the need for highly accurate ADAS calibration services.

“Rad Air has been focused on this technology since its inception,” says Andy Fiffick, President and CEO of Rad Air. “We have equipped all of our shops with the tools and technology to perform calibrations and other ADAS services, and our technicians are trained on it.”

Rad Air has long set the standard for ADAS calibrations in the automotive repair industry, continually investing in the technology and training necessary to stay at the forefront of ADAS and provide the best possible service for our clients. This is also a critical part of the support Rad Air offers franchisees to remain current with the ever-changing technology in the industry.

“ADAS—and the need for highly accurate, professional calibration services—have entered the mainstream of our industry,” says Bill Snow, Vice President of Franchise Development and Operations at Rad Air. “Our technicians understand the complexities of these systems, and we make sure they have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to keep these critical features working properly for our clients.”

Many drivers rely on ADAS to keep them safe on the road, however, the systems must be regularly calibrated to ensure that all sensors and cameras are working properly. For example, if your vehicle has suspension wear and tear, it may sit lower on the road. This can cause issues with ADAS camera alignment. Correct ride height is critical for ADAS-equipped vehicles. At Rad Air, we recommend having these systems carefully inspected and recalibrated during front-end wheel alignment services. We have the tools and training to provide both dynamic and static calibrations.

To learn more about our focus on ADAS calibration services and technology, please contact Bill Snow at 216.510.3555 or bill@radair.com