How Do I Get an E-Check?

March 16, 2024

If you’re in the Cleveland area and own a car, you may be required to get an E-Check every other year in order to obtain your registration. Overall, the process of getting an E-Check is not too bad, but it does take time out of your day. And, if your car fails the inspection, it’s going to take time and money to remedy the situation. So, if you’ve never gotten an E-Check before, or if you need a refresher on how to get one, here’s the process:

• Determine if your car is required to get an E-Check.
Cars do not require an E-Check every year. Instead, cars with even-numbered model years require E-Checks in even years and the same applies to odd model years and odd years. Additionally, new vehicles are not typically required to test for a couple of years and vehicles that are older than a certain number of years are not always required to get tested either.

• Find an E-Check location near you.
The Ohio E-Check website provides a tool that can help you determine the nearest location to you.

• Go get your car tested.
There are a couple of ways to test your car. Some stations have self-service kiosks that allow you to run the emissions test yourself. Stations may also have full-service testing facilities where a technician will conduct an emissions test. Different stations provide different services, so verify that the place where you are going has the service you want. For more information and details on what to bring, check out the Ohio EPA website.

• Get your results.
Whether you use a self-service kiosk or have a technician test your car, once the test is conducted you will receive your results. If you pass, you’re good to go and can get your registration. If you fail, you will need to get your car up to snuff and get a passing test before you can obtain your registration.

Having your car fail an E-Check can be bad news, but the good news is that Rad Air can get your car up to passing condition. If you need help getting your car up to standards after an E-Check, get in touch with Rad Air – we’ll get you ready to roll.

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