Do It Yourself: Prevent Frozen Locks

March 29, 2024

Welcome to Cleveland in the winter. From Brookpark to Wickliffe, the story is the same all winter long- it’s cold.  But nothing is worse than dusting the snow from your car so you can head to work and finding out that your doors are frozen shut.  You spend half of the winter going nowhere on 480, the last thing you want to do is go nowhere in your driveway.


With winter approaching, it is important to prevent your door locks from freezing so you can get into your car safely and easily. Here are things you can do to prevent your door locks from freezing:

1. Try to park in the sunshine Try to park so your vehicle will get some sunlight. Even a little bit of sunshine can prevent moisture from getting inside your locks.

2. Use a graphite lock lubricant once a year. Use a graphite lock lubricant once a year. Do not use WD-40; dirt and grime will build up in the locks causing problems in the future. Treat your locks before winter to avoid freezing.

Locked out because of a frozen door? Here’s how to get back behind the wheel.

1. Spray lock with lock or windshield de-icer Keep this inside your home, in the garage, or in your pocket when you know you are parking outside. Don’t keep it in the car – you won’t be able to get to it! Hardware stores and other superstores should have it.

2. Heat the key with a candle or cigarette lighter. Insert the warm key into the door and turn slowly.

3. Enter through another door. Don’t damage your driver’s side door by forcing the door open. Try to get in through another door that isn’t frozen and work on de-icing the lock later.

4. Hair dryer. This should be your last resort just because it’s a hassle. You’ll most likely have to run an extension cord to your vehicle in wet conditions. Not safe.

The best way to prevent frozen locks is to make sure they are lubricated – They won’t attract moisture so they won’t freeze. Using a spray graphite door lubricant will do the job.

What else have you tried to prevent your doors from freezing? What other ways have you gotten into a frozen car?