Automotive Fun Fact: The World’s First Speeding Ticket

April 17, 2024

The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in Dayton, Ohio in 1904.automotive, auto, fun fact, cleveland, akron, inventors, history, mechanic, repair, car repair, brake job, wheels, tires, transmission, strongsville

Most people think of Detroit as the birthplace of the automotive industry, however, Ohioans know that their state played an extremely important role in the infant auto industry during the late nineteenth century. Engineers and inventors in Cleveland, Akron and other regions also impacted the new form of transportation with their ideas and inventions. Because of our important role in the production of automobiles, Ohio is home to many automotive “firsts”…including the first speeding ticket.

Harry Myers was driving down West Third Street in Dayton, when he was pulled over for hastily driving at an alarming speed of 12 miles per hour. He was issued the first paper speeding ticket on the spot in 1904. This speedy Myers is rumored to be the same Harry Myers who famously acted and directed a number of silent films during the early 1900s, but has not been confirmed.

Another Ohio Fun Fact: The Buckeye State historically issues the most speeding tickets each year .

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