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Is It Time for a New Car Battery?

Bring Your Vehicle to Rad Air Akron for Battery Testing and Replacement

If your car battery dies, you will know it—your car simply won’t start. The battery in your car is responsible for providing the initial power to turn the engine over. Is there a way to find out if you need a new car battery before it dies unexpectedly? Let us take a look at some important information to know concerning your vehicle’s battery.

• Take your vehicle to Rad Air Akron for regular battery testing. Our automotive technicians can attach your car’s battery to our battery testing equipment to determine the current condition of your car’s battery and if it has a low state of charge. This can be done at any time—even before your battery dies. When you plan your next maintenance service, select one of our available maintenance special packages that include a starting and charging system test and evaluation. Watch the video below to see how our technicians at Rad Air test a car’s battery health.

• Your car’s battery can generally be expected to last from three to five years. If you are within that window, or beyond it, then it may be time to purchase a new battery.

• Your battery’s current charge may depend on how often your car is driven. You may experience a low charge on a battery when you haven’t driven for a while. Though your battery provides the initial power to start the car, the car actually recharges the battery when you drive.

• The weather and temperature can impact your battery. Cold, frigid temperatures can drain your battery more quickly than temperate weather. Heavy-duty batteries are designed to hold a charge in all weather and may be a good option if you drive regularly during the winter in Northeast Ohio.

When you need a battery test or replacement, Rad Air Akron makes the process simple. Be sure to also regularly check our coupons—we often run specials on battery installation and starting and charging system evaluations. Our technicians can help you determine if you need a new battery and which one will work best for your car and your driving habits.

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