Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses

Rad Air Akron

Belts and hoses are the unsung heroes of your car’s engine.

Though many people don’t realize it, belts and hoses keep fluids moving through the car’s system and gears turning.  Without good quality belts and hoses, you may experience breakdowns that leave you stranded.  What are some things to think about when considering whether your vehicle is in need of belt and hose repair?

  • Rad Air BeltsThere are lots of belts and hoses in your car.  While you may think there are just a few belts – like the fan belt, for example – in fact, there are many belts and hoses that move brake fluid, rotate gears and move coolant throughout your car.

  • A limited life span.  Unlike other parts of your car, belts and hoses do wear out over time.  Due to the fact that they are manufactured from rubberized materials, belts and hoses have a limited life span in your car.  With wear and changes in temperature, belts and hoses can crack and leak.

  • New belts and hoses can keep you running.  At the Akron Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, we can quickly evaluate the condition of your belts and hoses.  If we find any that are a problem or a potential problem, it is easy and affordable for us to replace your car’s belts and hoses.

If you want to keep your car running, then taking the time to have your belts and hoses evaluated can keep you on the road with no problems.  When you bring your car into the Akron Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, our expert service technicians can quickly let you know the condition of your car’s belts and hoses and any necessary service.  We’ll keep you on the road—just schedule your appointment today!

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