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When your car’s AC system stops working on a hot summer day in Akron, you will realize just how much you rely on it to keep you cool and comfortable by removing the humidity and heat in your vehicle. However, not only does your air conditioner keep you cool, but it also plays a big role in keeping you and others safe on the road. The professional auto technicians at Rad Air of Akron are experts in auto air conditioner repair and services.

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  • A working AC system equals safety. Without a functioning air conditioner, several issues may occur. For example, the A/C circulates air in your car to help to remove fog that can cloud your windshield on a hot, rainy Akron day. Without an operating A/C, you cannot clear the fog in order to operate your car safely.
  • Vehicle A/C system issues can be quickly addressed. Rad Air of Akron’s expert mechanics can provide all car AC repairs. If you are having an issue with your air conditioner, the repair might involve fixing a leaking hose or replacing an inoperable fan. Fortunately, from electrical issues to charging issues, the automotive specialists at Rad Air of Akron will provide a thorough diagnosis and comprehensive A/C repairs—getting the job done right the first time.
  • A functional air conditioner in your vehicle keeps you cool and comfortable. Whether you are driving around town or heading out on a summer road trip, make sure you are not distracted by the heat or sitting on uncomfortably hot leather seats. Protect you and others on the road by contacting Rad Air for vehicle A/C repairs.

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Perhaps your vehicle is not cooling like it usually does, or there is a loud noise when the A/C is running. If you notice any of these issues, reach out to your local team at Rad Air of Akron.