Have you ever wondered how your car generates heat and air conditioning?

Probably the only time that you have considered this is when your own car’s heat or cooling isn’t working correctly.  Making sure that your passengers are comfortable makes all the difference in your driving experience.

According to the experts at the Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center located in Akron, your car leverages power that it generates in order to provide heating and cooling for your comfort.  Instead of evacuating all of the heat out of the car, some of it is diverted and pumped into the passenger cabin using a small fan.  This provides heat for the cabin.  Likewise, cooling is provided by using chilled coolant that is pushed into the cabin using the same fan.  It is an efficient, effective system that keeps you comfortable all year long.

With subzero temperatures and high heat situations the norm in Northeast Ohio, having access to heat and air conditioning can keep you comfortable no matter how warm or cold it is outside.  Additionally, when your heat and cooling isn’t working optimally, then having access to a defroster is not possible.  As you can see, air conditioning and heat are also a safety factor.

Is your passenger cabin too hot or too cold?  If you are having issues with your car’s heating and cooling systems, the let the expert service technicians at the Akron Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center take a moment to evaluate what the problem might be. We can quickly assess the situation, recommend a solution and get your car scheduled for service at a convenient time. Call today!