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When you purchase a vehicle, you make a significant financial investment. The best way to protect that investment is by prioritizing regular maintenance services like the following:

  • Air, cabin, and fuel filter check and/or replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Light bulb check
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Fluid services
  • Brake system inspection and service
  • Steering and suspension check
  • Shocks and struts replacement

There are two important sides to vehicle maintenance: The first is following the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual. If you follow it, you will likely avoid all major repairs that do not have to do with consumables—tires, brakes, wiper blades, and other vehicle parts that endure wear and tear which limits their lifespan. The second side to vehicle maintenance has to do with your driving habits. For example, if you drive into downtown Akron every day in the winter, your car’s undercarriage will take a hit from road salt, which can wear parts out quickly. This will impact your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

When it comes to preventative vehicle maintenance, you just can’t beat experience. The trained professionals at Rad Air know exactly what to look for when they inspect your vehicle. Our goal is to help you identify issues early on when they can likely be fixed with a simple adjustment or lubrication. If you hear an odd noise or feel a weird vibration while driving, let us know right away: The longer you wait, the more likely an easily fixable problem will become a total—and expensive—vehicle failure.

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Thorough Inspections at Every Visit

Every time you bring your vehicle to Rad Air for an oil change, tire rotation, or other service, we do a full vehicle inspection. Our technicians will give you recommendations for services that should be done immediately or in the near future so that you can plan, budget and save accordingly, and not be caught off guard. These recommendations are not to recommend services you don’t need; they are intended to save you money in the long run. For example, we will recommend changing your transmission fluid at 75,000 miles at a cost of $200–250, depending on your vehicle make and model. If you decide not to get this service, you may come back to us at 100,000–150,000 miles and need your entire transmission rebuilt—a cost of $2,500–5,000 or more. The math just makes sense: Invest in the recommended maintenance now and avoid expensive repairs later.

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