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While getting a wheel balance and alignment may seem like an unnecessary service, it will help protect your tires and save you money. Here’s why: Driving causes wear on your tires. Over time, you may notice irregular tire wear, have trouble keeping your car straight on the road, or feel like your steering wheel is pulling right or left of center or vibrating. All of these issues can risk your safety—and they can negatively affect your gas mileage, lead to a tire blowout, and put undue wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension and steering components. We recommend that you have your wheels aligned every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. This is usually no more than once a year—and it is worth it. However, if you hit an obstruction in the road or a large pothole, you should have your wheel alignment inspected as soon as possible.

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When you bring your vehicle in for an annual wheel alignment and tire balance service, we drive your vehicle onto an alignment lift. Once the alignment equipment is attached, we will make any necessary adjustments and ensure that your car’s wheels are properly aligned to fit your driving style and your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications. This routine maintenance can be the difference in protecting your tires and extending the life of your car. If you want to save money, then having your wheels aligned and balanced on a regular basis can really help with tire wear and gas mileage.

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