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Have you ever tried to start a car with a dead battery?

If you have then you know that just isn’t a possibility. The battery in your car is critical because your car battery gives your engine the initial shock to get it to turn over. If your battery isn’t working, you have two options: get a new car battery or have someone jump-start your car every time you need to drive.

Replacing Car Battery

Clearly, getting a jump-start is a good option only for emergencies. You can prevent a dead battery issue by having your car inspected. The Cleveland auto mechanics at the Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center in Downtown Cleveland can quickly evaluate your car battery to see how it is holding a charge. It’s a simple process that takes just minutes!

  • What can you expect from your battery?

  • To recharge your battery, all you need to do is to drive your car. As you are driving, your car’s engine recharges your battery by using the power generated through the engine.

  • Car batteries last for years. The estimated length of battery life is about three to five years, depending on the type of driving that you do regularly.

  • Batteries can be affected by weather. Extreme temperatures can cause batteries to wear out faster. This is especially true of cold weather like we regularly experience each winter in Cleveland, Ohio, so keep that in mind!

If your car is hard to start or you suspect that your car battery needs to be replaced, then stop in today! We’ll be happy to perform a free battery evaluation. It takes just a moment. Stop in at the Cleveland Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center today for battery assistance.

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