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Having a well-performing engine and transmission is what will keep your car on the road.

The experts at the Downtown Cleveland Rad Air Cleveland Car Care & Tire Center can easily help you decipher any issues that you are having with your car’s engine and transmission and get you back on the road fast. You are an important part of the process. Here are just a few things you can do to make your engine and transmission repair easier and more effective:

Rad Air - TransmissionAre you ignoring the problem? Unlike cars of the past, most of today’s cars don’t suffer from costly engine and transmission repairs. That, in itself, is a good reason to bring your car in for service the moment you believe there may be a problem. A lot of the time, engine and transmission problems can be fixed quickly with a minimal cost. Engine warning lights, though they may seem problematic, may only indicate an issue with your emissions system.

What do you hear? On your next drive, turn off the radio and listen to your engine. If you hear noises that don’t seem normal, you may be experiencing an issue with your engine or transmission. Listen for grinding, revving, stalling and shifting noises. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, your car’s engine or transmission may be going bad. Bring your vehicle in to be evaluated by a professional Cleveland auto mechanic.

Is your dash lighting up? Today’s vehicle technology can quickly diagnose an issue before it prevents you from driving. A warning light that shows up on your dashboard may just involve a quick solution or it may indicate a more serious problem with your engine or transmission. There is no need to worry. Simply bring your car into the Downtown Cleveland Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center for assistance. We can quickly assess the situation and help you get back on the road.

Don’t be delayed by engine and transmission problems.

When you need expert auto engine and transmission repair, come to Rad Air. The Cleveland Rad Air team will be happy to assist you with any engine and transmission problems with a convenient appointment, expert service and affordable solutions. Call us today!

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