You and your family deserve a comfortable ride no matter the weather.

If you are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, then it is time to get your car’s heating and cooling systems serviced. When your car’s heating and cooling system isn’t working well, you and your passengers are nothing short of uncomfortable.

Cars create heat and cooling through a relatively simply process. The expert auto mechanics at Rad Air Downtown Cleveland say that heat is generated when the engine begins to run. In many cases, the heat is flushed out through the exhaust system and through air circulation around the engine compartment. To create warmth for passengers, the heat of the engine, instead of being completely exhausted out of the car, is pumped through ducts over a heater core and into the passenger cabin. This simple process will give you plenty of heat even on the most frigid days. For those days that are really hot, air conditioning is created through a small cooling unit and blown into the passenger compartment.

Heating and cooling is more than just for your comfort. Having heat and cooling becomes a safety factor with frozen windshields and condensation. Simply put, it is impossible to run the defroster if the heating and cooling systems aren’t working the way they were designed.

If you want to be toasty warm in winter and cool during the summer, then bring your car in to the Cleveland Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center for heating and cooling system repairs. Our professional car care technicians will get you back on the road, feeling comfortable, with our expert service. Schedule your service online today!