Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement in Downtown Cleveland

Let Rad Air Get Rid of Your Bumpy Ride

If you prefer a smooth ride, make sure your vehicle’s shocks and struts are performing optimally. Uneven surfaces, potholes, and rough stretches of road are no match for well-maintained shocks and struts. If you are experiencing unequal tire wear, a need for increased stopping distance, or an unusually bumpy or uncomfortable ride, you might need new shocks and struts.

Shocks and struts are part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They allow drivers to quickly adjust to changing traffic patterns, assist the braking system, and contribute to a smoother ride. They also prevent damage to your car’s frame and work in concert with the braking and steering systems to help drivers retain control behind the wheel. When shocks and struts are not performing properly, accidents may occur due to failures. These can be avoided with regular inspections to your support parts.

Repairing shocks and struts isn’t nearly as complex of a job as it used to be. New technology means only the compromised parts need to be replaced. In fact, most of the shock and strut parts are packaged as components. When you visit Rad Air of Cleveland, we can show you how easy it is for our professional auto mechanics to adjust your car’s shocks and struts.

If you are noticing any of the signs that your car’s shocks and struts are not performing as well as they should be, it is time to bring your vehicle to Rad Air of Cleveland. We will evaluate your suspension system and the condition of your shocks and struts and make any necessary repairs or part replacements. Let us help you smooth out your rough ride!