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Does my car need a wheel balance or alignment service?

What does it do, exactly? When is it a good idea to get a wheel balance and alignment? All of these questions are good ones – ones that the talented Cleveland auto mechanics at our Downtown Cleveland Rad Air location can answer.

Wheel AlignmentYour wheels need to be checked for alignment every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, or your car may suffer. Misalignment caused by wheels out of balance or alignment can literally bend the frame of your car, an expensive fix to be sure! Getting a regular wheel alignment can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

You don’t have to fight your wheel when driving. Wheels out of alignment can cause vibration and pulling. The car repair technicians at Rad Air’s Downtown Cleveland Car Care & Tire Center will be happy to help you determine if your car needs a wheel balance and alignment to correct the pulling issue.

Proper wheel alignment can prevent accidents. Uneven tire wear can cause blow outs. Since one tire has more pressure on it than the others due to poor alignment or wheels being out of balance, that pressure can cause a tire blowout, which can be dangerous to you and other drivers.

Out of alignment wheels can cost you at the pump. When your tires are not properly aligned, one tire can end up traveling farther than the other. This can cause your tires to reduce your gas mileage well below the specifications of the manufacturer.

Drop in at Rad Air’s Cleveland Car Care & Tire Center location to talk to our friendly, knowledgeable team about wheel balance and alignment services. We can help you with vibration, pulling and any other tire issue. Stop in today!

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