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You may think your exhaust system just keeps your car quiet, but this system is critical to the performance of your vehicle—and your health and safety. The exhaust system moves exhaust away from your car through a variety of parts that include a catalytic converter, piping systems, muffler, resonator, and oxygen sensors. It has four  primary functions:

  • Keeps exhaust fumes (and pollutants) out of the cabin of your vehicle
  • Controls pollution and tracks oxygen levels in the vehicle’s exhaust
  • Preserves sound quality by reducing the post combustion  exhaust noise of the engine
  • Extracts heat from the engine

Some signs of exhaust system issues are obvious: For example, loud noises from your exhaust pipe are hard to ignore. Your check engine light may come on, or you may smell an odor similar to rotten eggs. This type of odor usually indicates an issue with the catalytic converter, an emissions control device that converts harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide into other, less harmful substances. Any suspected problem with your exhaust system should be diagnosed and repaired immediately by the technicians at Rad Air.

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When the technicians at Rad Air examine your vehicle’s exhaust system, they carefully inspect every component, investigating any issues you have described as well as looking for any indications of premature failure. This inspection includes checking for exhaust leaks, replacing any damaged or failed parts, looking for blockages, inspecting the catalytic converter, checking the oxygen sensors and fuel control, and testing for any contamination. Our goal is to maintain your exhaust system to keep you safe and protect against pollution.

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Regular exhaust system maintenance not only keeps you safe but also protects your health and the environment. Reserve your service today.