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From hot summer temperatures to frigid winter weather, living in Ohio can certainly offer change.

Rad Air Heating and CoolingBeing comfortable in your car with the heat blowing or the air conditioning cooling you off can make it just that much more comfortable. Is your heating and cooling system working correctly? Here’s some information from the experts at the Fairlawn Rad Air on how your car’s heating and cooling systems actually work:

Heating and cooling can keep you safe. Sure, on the coldest and hottest days, you may want to blast the heat or cool air to keep you comfortable, but being able to see out of your windows because of the defroster or defogger will keep you safe. Don’t try to drive without having access to the clear windows that a heating and cooling system can provide.

These are secondary systems. The main systems of your car, like the engine, power train and transmission are the ones that generate the power, the heating and cooling systems work off of the power generated by the engine.

Heat is just redirected. Your car’s engine is a virtual furnace. The heat from the engine is just redirected to the passenger cabin via ductwork and a small fan. It is a natural byproduct of the work that your engine is doing according to the auto mechanics at the Fairlawn Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers.

Air conditioning is a bonus! Though your car has a cooling system, the cool air you feel in your car is the result of a small air conditioning unit near the front of the passenger cabin. The easiest way to understand the air conditioning system is to think of the coolant systems in your home or office.

Don’t underestimate your car’s heating and cooling systems. While they do keep you comfortable when you are driving, they provide a much more important service by powering your defroster and defogger. Is your system working sub-optimally? Bring it in to the Fairlawn Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers today for friendly assistance.

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