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Your car battery is responsible for giving your car’s engine the power to start. You can imagine what can happen if your car’s battery goes dead—nothing. You won’t be able to start your car, no matter how hard you try! The technicians at Rad Air in Garfield Heights are experts at determining the life of your car battery and the level of charge it is holding. Regular battery checks can keep you on the road and prevent your battery from dying when you least expect it.

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What to Know About Your Car Battery

What factors determine how long your battery will last, and how can you make sure your car will always start? Here’s what you need to know about vehicle batteries:

Car batteries last about three to five years. The longevity of your battery will depend on the volume of driving that you do and the weather conditions where you live. For example, venturing out in Northeast Ohio’s notoriously cold winter weather can be hard on your battery.

Your car battery recharges as you drive your car. If you do not drive your car regularly, the battery will not have an opportunity to charge. The solution is to make sure you drive your car on a regular basis—This is important to remember especially if you work remotely or live within walking distance to most of your destinations.

There are steps you can take to make sure your car will always start. The first step is to bring your vehicle to Rad Air in Garfield Heights for a battery test and inspection. We will take the time to monitor the level of charge on your battery and make sure that there isn’t a great deal of corrosion that needs to be removed.

When a new battery is needed, trust us to make a suitable recommendation. Our automotive technicians will recommend a battery that is ideal for your driving style and your car’s model. If your car’s battery does not pass the test, it can sometimes be replaced without making an additional service reservation.

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Do you have concerns about your car starting in the challenging weather we experience in Greater Cleveland? Plan to bring your vehicle to Rad Air of Garfield Heights to have your battery checked. Take a look at our coupons before you make your service reservation.