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You may not think about your car’s engine drive belts and cooling and heating system hoses, but if one fails, you will notice immediately. These components have very important functions in your vehicle. Most vehicles contain one to three (and sometimes four) engine accessory drive belts. If just one of the belts fails, you could lose the ability to handle and drive your car, your engine might overheat, or you could lose battery charging ability. The system also has several radiator, cooling system, and heater hoses that carry antifreeze throughout your car’s engine, heater, and radiator. When a hose fails, your engine will overheat—leaving you stranded on the road—and you could also have heating and defrosting issues. 

How do you know if your belts or hoses are failing? You may notice a squealing sound from a damaged belt, but a hose—much like a flat tire—often gives no warning that it is about to fail. This is why we recommend having your belts and hoses inspected every time you have your lube, oil, and filter changed at Rad Air Garfield Heights. We also recommend having them serviced and replaced as needed every 7-plus years or 100,000 miles.

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Car Belt and Hose Inspection and Replacement

There’s no magic involved in replacing your car’s belts and hoses. However, all belt alignment and replacement services should be handled by qualified technicians. The team at Rad Air Garfield Heights will look closely for signs of deterioration caused by exposure to chemicals, heat, cold, and friction, and carefully inspect the pulleys and tensioners to make sure the new belt won’t fail due to worn parts. If a new hose is needed, we will remove the hose clamps and fit the new hose. Let us handle this preventative maintenance and help keep you safe on the road.

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Some simple preventative maintenance now can prevent more complex—and expensive—repairs down the line. Schedule your service at Rad Air Garfield Heights.