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Stopping is one of the key operations of your car. If your brakes are squealing, soft, or spongy, your safety is at risk while driving. At Rad Air of Garfield Heights, we work with our clients to make sure that their vehicles’ brakes are working in optimal condition. If you suspect that your brakes aren’t working the way they should, do not delay in reserving your brake repair services.

Vehicle Braking Systems

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These are a few tips to keep in mind about your braking system.

Brakes are not a single part; they are a system. Your car’s anti-lock/ABS braking system includes hydraulic and mechanical parts, plus a host of electronic components and a body control module (BCM) to safely stop your vehicle.  These work together to put pressure on your wheels to get them to stop. Clearly, if there is an issue with the brake shoes, rotors, master cylinder, or brake hoses in your system, then you will need brake repair services.

Getting the brake services you need is simple. Rad Air of Garfield Heights offers fast, friendly brake services to take care of all of your braking needs. Whether you need a complete brake overhaul or just new pads and rotors, our expert mechanics can help you to know that you are safe when driving around Garfield Heights and throughout Northeast Ohio. We can ensure that you and your family are safe when traveling in any kind of weather.

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Are you concerned about the status of your brakes? Stop in today and let us take a look at your braking system. Our friendly, efficient mechanical staff will assess the health of your brakes and keep you safely driving in Garfield Heights. Make your service reservation today and restore your braking system to optimal performance.