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You may think that your car’s A/C is just a convenience item that keeps you cool on a hot day in Garfield Heights by removing the heat and humidity from your vehicle. However, your vehicle’s AC system does more than just provide comfort while you are on the road. In fact, auto repair experts at Rad Air Garfield Heights say that a functioning A/C has significant safety benefits that can affect your ability to respond to inclement driving conditions.

In general, if your car’s A/C is not working, the first place to check is for an electrical or mechanical failure. Leaks in the system can also be the cause of a cooling problem. Why is it so critical to have an operational AC? If your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t working, you lose the ability to defog your windshield. On a hot, rainy day in Garfield Heights, your windshield is likely to fog and hinder your visibility on the road—without a functioning AC, you will not be able to quickly eliminate the fog and see clearly. Your local Rad Air team can handle any necessary automotive air conditioning system repairs.

It is important to have your car’s AC regularly serviced and maintained. One of the most common causes of a broken A/C is a leak in a hose. Hoses exposed to chemicals and hot and cold air commonly deteriorate from the inside out. After an automotive technician looks at your hoses, he will also evaluate your coolant levels and your fan motor. If any of those items are a problem, Rad Air’s knowledgeable auto mechanics can quickly provide you with an estimate for A/C repairs and get your air conditioner fixed. 

Do not put your personal safety at risk due to a failing A/C system. If your car is not cooling the way it usually does or you notice hot air blowing out instead of cool air, it is time to contact Rad Air Garfield Heights. Our team will perform any needed car A/C repairs and help you restore your cool, comfort, and safety on the road.

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