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Can you imagine being all dressed up for a Garfield Heights event and having to deal with no heat or air conditioning in your car?

Rad Air Heating and CoolingAs you can imagine, that would make for an uncomfortable car ride, leaving you embarrassed when you get to your location. Clearly, your car’s heating and cooling system can make for a comfortable, enjoyable ride, or one that you’d rather forget.

How does your car provide heat and air conditioning? It is a simple process. Experts at the Garfield Heights Rad Air Car Care & Tire Center location say that heat is provided by the temperature rise created by the engine. In essence, service technicians say that the heater core collects hot air and then uses a fan to pump it into your car’s cabin through the heating vents. The cool are from air conditioning is created by the coolant in your radiator. It, too, is pumped into the car’s cabin by a fan which pushes the cool air to the passengers and drivers.

Though it sounds like a simple system, your car’s cooling and heating systems do need regular maintenance. Simple actions like vacuuming out the vents and checking the level of coolant can help you and your passengers to stay comfortable in the hottest and coldest weather of Northeast Ohio.

If you are suffering with no heat or air conditioning in your car, then it may be time to come and visit us at our Garfield Heights Rad Air location. Our experienced automotive technicians can quickly diagnose your heating and cooling problem and get you back on the road with fast, affordable car care service. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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