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If you feel like you are bouncing around more than usual or your car is traveling over roads without any give in the frame, then it may be time to investigate whether you need more shocks and struts. While you may feel that shocks and struts only exist on your car for your comfort, the car service technicians at Rad Air’s Garfield Heights Car Care & Tire Center location say that shocks and struts actually ensure your safety.

Shocks and struts are made up of many working parts that affect the ability of your car to not only traverse rough roads, but also to maneuver and stop in traffic. Shocks and struts offer cushioning to the riders in the car, but also help the wheels to adjust to uneven roads, which are a reality here in Garfield Heights. Critical to your ability to quickly stop to avoid an accident, when the components of your shocks and struts don’t work correctly, you can expose you and your family to the possibility of a devastating crash.

What is the solution? Shock and strut parts have changed much over the years. While it used to be that the entire assembly had to be replaced, new automotive maintenance technology used by the Garfield Heights Rad Air allows only the damaged or worn parts to be replaced. Crafted to be quickly installed, getting new shocks and struts can be an affordable, quick repair for your vehicle, one that can prevent you from getting into a disastrous accident.

Rad Air’s complete car care and tire center can easily evaluate your struts and shocks the next time you stop in for regular automotive maintenance with our expert technicians. Simply let the staff know that you have a concern about the ride quality and we’ll be sure to take a thorough look at the condition of these critical parts. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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