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Wheel Balance and Alignment

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Tire wear is just a fact of being a car owner; especially for the type of short distance driving that is common in Garfield Heights.

Wheel Alignment

If you don’t want to risk a dangerous blow out or want to make sure that your gas mileage is optimized, then making sure your wheels are balance and aligned can save you a good deal of money on tires and car repairs.

Most people don’t think too much about their tires and alignment. That’s a mistake. Did you know that expert mechanics at Rad Air say that your wheels need to be checked for alignment every 12,000 to 15,000 miles? In their experience, wheels that aren’t aligned can not only cause you to fight the wheel, but can cause tires that are out of alignment to travel farther than their counterpart on the car when driven the same route. While it sounds crazy, it is true. This type of misalignment can cause damage to your car’s frame with the constant pulling and can cause uneven tire wear and additional gas usage.

To avoid this problem, the tire specialists at Rad Air can quickly put your car on a lift and determine if your car’s tires are off kilter. This mechanical repair for your car takes just minutes and can prevent a blowout. In addition, during the evaluation, our Rad Air tire specialists can let you know if your tires need to be replaced and provide you with a custom estimate.

Don’t take a chance on having a dangerous blowout due putting you and your passengers in danger. Stop by at our Garfield Heights Car Care & Tire Center location to speak with one of our automotive specialists today. We’ll be happy to provide a complementary tire evaluation and give you an estimate for new tires. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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