Does Your Car Need a New Battery?

Rad Air Medina Provides Battery Testing and Replacement

If your car battery has ever died while you were out and about in Medina, then you know how frustrating it is to be stranded in your vehicle. You may not know it, but the battery in your car provides the initial power that will turn the engine over. The automotive experts at Rad Air Medina have some important tips and advice for maintaining your car’s battery life:

Have you had your battery tested? Having your car’s battery tested at Rad Air Medina is not a long or complicated process. We will attach a battery testing meter to your car’s battery and see how much of a charge you have. Keeping an eye on your battery charge will help you to see when you need a new battery. You can have this service done at any time, and it is often included as part of our maintenance special packages. Watch the video below to see how our technicians at Rad Air test a car’s battery health.

Batteries only last for so long. With regular usage, most car batteries will last from three to five years. If your battery is in that timeframe, we’ll be happy to evaluate it during your next maintenance service.

What happens if you don’t drive your car for a while? The short answer is that you may need a new battery or experience a low charge. When you drive your car, it recharges the battery—so if you aren’t driving your car regularly, your battery does not have an opportunity to charge.

Weather can affect your charge. Very cold or very hot weather can cause issues with your battery. If you live in a place that experiences temperature extremes—like Medina—then you may want to investigate a heavy-duty battery for your vehicle. Heavy-duty batteries hold a charge longer in many types of weather and can be good for those who live in Northeast Ohio.

If you need a new battery, you can count on expert service from Rad Air Medina. We will help you to choose a battery brand and style that will work efficiently for your car’s make and model. Make a service reservation today for battery testing and replacement. Don’t forget to check our coupons first as we often offer savings on starting system evaluations and new battery installation.