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You probably know that your exhaust system helps keep your engine quiet, but this system plays a much more critical role in keeping you and your passengers safe. The exhaust system is designed to move exhaust away from your car through parts like a catalytic converter, pipes and mufflers, and oxygen sensors. The system has four  primary functions:

  • Keeps exhaust fumes (and pollutants) out of the cabin of your vehicle
  • Controls pollution and tracks oxygen levels in the vehicle’s exhaust
  • Preserves sound quality by reducing the sound of the engine
  • Extract heat from the engine

How do you know if you have an exhaust system issue? You may hear a loud noise coming from your exhaust pipe. The check engine light may illuminate—though you cannot rely on this to tell you if you have an exhaust leak—or your car might smell like rotten eggs. The odor usually indicates an issue with the catalytic converter, an emissions control device that converts carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses into simple water vapor and carbon dioxide. When the catalytic converter is not working properly, the health and safety of you and your family is at risk. With so much at stake, prioritize regular exhaust system maintenance. 

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Our exhaust system inspection begins by investigating any concerns you may have described. We will look at each component of the system, from the pipes and mufflers to the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter. Our technicians will look for signs of a leak or blockage, contamination, and any other fuel control issues that may be impacting your fuel economy. Rest assured that your vehicle’s exhaust system is in good hands at Rad Air—our goal is to keep you and your family safe.

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Don’t wait until you have a serious problem with your car’s exhaust system. Make regular exhaust system maintenance a priority at Rad Air Medina.