Maintain Your Vehicle’s Performance With Fluid Services From Rad Air

Brake Fluid Exchanges, Oil Changes, Fluid Top Offs, and More

Most drivers know that their vehicle must have regular oil changes to maintain their engine’s performance. But did you know that there are a variety of other fluids in your vehicle that affect your brakes, transmission, radiator, and other components? Fluid services are an important part of vehicle maintenance—and that is why Rad Air includes fluid inspections as part of our available maintenance services.


Oil Changes Are Just One of the Fluid Services We Can Provide

Regular oil changes are essential for any vehicle and are generally recommended every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. However, oil is not the only fluid used in your vehicle’s systems—there is also brake fluid, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid for four-wheel-drive vehicles, and radiator coolant, to name a few. All of these fluids are used to lubricate and cool down moving parts in your car and generally contribute to your vehicle’s overall performance. When fluids are not replaced regularly, they will begin to cause wear and tear on your engine and parts. Here’s why:


Vehicle Fluids Are Susceptible to Contamination

Over time, fluids can break down due to heat, chemical reactions, and contamination. When fluids become dirty or contaminated, they do not work as they should, which can put extra strain on certain parts. For example, if your brake fluid is contaminated, your brake pedals can be affected and the brake lines, the master cylinder, and other components can become corroded. Fortunately, you can prevent this kind of damage to your vehicle by simply prioritizing fluid services as part of your regular vehicle maintenance.


Rad Air of Medina Can Provide All of Your Needed Fluid Services

No matter the make and model of your car, we can provide you with high-quality fluid exchanges for your brakes, power steering system, radiator, transmission, engine, and more. While you might not know what types of fluid exchanges your vehicle needs, our technicians can determine any necessary fluid services during their inspection. And no additional appointments are necessary. When you come in for your regular maintenance, we’ll recommend any fluid top offs or replacements and handle it before you leave.

Is it time to schedule your vehicle’s maintenance? Be sure to check out our current coupons and then reserve your service at Rad Air of Medina. We’ll see you soon!