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If you think that potholes and uneven road surfaces are just an inconvenience for you while driving, consider this: Rough roads can actually damage your vehicle if it were not for the effectiveness of your vehicle’s shocks and struts, essential components of your suspension system. Shocks and struts help your car adapt to driving surface changes.  According to the car care experts at Rad Air in Medina, a good set of shocks and struts will help your car to adapt to changes in road conditions, from unanticipated potholes to uneven roads in construction zones.

Understanding Your Car’s Suspension System

What Do Shocks and Struts Do?

  • Shocks and struts protect you during emergencies. The shocks and struts on your car actually protect you and your family by helping you react quickly to changing driving conditions. If you have to stop suddenly or veer quickly to the side of the road, shocks and struts help you control your car and keep it level.
  • Shocks and struts are maintenance friendly. It used to be that shocks and struts were time-consuming and challenging to repair. With changes in technology, the car care specialists at Rad Air of Medina can easily replace them. New technology allows shocks and struts to be replaced as components, saving you time and cost in parts.
  • Shocks and struts protect your car’s frame. They prevent the frame of your vehicle from being bent or damaged when you drive over an uneven surface or accidentally hit a pothole. The role of shocks and struts is to absorb changes in elevation instead of making your car’s frame bend.

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