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Are You Worried That Your Car Won’t Start?

Bring Your Vehicle to Rad Air Parma Heights for Battery Replacement

Did you ever try to start your car and get that sinking feeling when it is completely dead? When your car’s battery fails to hold a charge, your car could leave you stranded on the side of the road. If you don’t want to worry about your car having enough of a battery charge to start, make sure you bring your car to Rad Air Parma Heights for regular battery testing. Our automotive technicians have some expert information to share about car batteries:

Driving is good for your car’s battery. By driving your car, the battery gets an opportunity to recharge from the alternator in your car. When your car has been sitting too much without being driven, you risk the battery losing the charge and not being powerful enough to turn over the engine. The solution is simple—Make sure you regularly drive your car.

A battery generally lasts for three to five years. After that time, it becomes unable to hold a good charge and needs to be replaced. When you bring your vehicle to Rad Air Parma Heights, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your car’s battery and charging system and determine the appropriate next steps for your vehicle.

Does your battery have a good charge? Before you replace your battery, it is important to have your current percentage of charge checked. There is no reason to replace a perfectly good battery, so let our staff determine if you have a battery strong enough to start your car.

Have you gotten a jump lately? If you needed a jump-start recently in order to start your car, then it is time to have your battery evaluated. Your battery is likely worn down and in need of replacement.

Weather impacts your battery. Frigid weather is notoriously hard on car batteries. A great time to have your car battery checked is in the fall, right before the cold weather arrives in Northeast Ohio, so you can rest assured that your car will start all winter long. Watch the video below to see how our technicians at Rad Air test a car’s battery health.

Do you have concerns about the quality of your battery? Bring your car to Rad Air Parma Heights for a battery evaluation and assistance in choosing a new battery. We are here to help! And, as a reminder, make sure you take a look at our current coupons before your visit. We often run specials that can help you save on battery installation, starting system evaluations, and more.

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