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Did you ever try to start your car and get that sinking feeling when it is completely dead? Batteries are the most common automotive item that can leave you on the side of the road. Hate that feeling or don’t want to worry about your car having enough power to get started? Check out this expert information from the automotive mechanics at the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center.

Is your car sitting too much? Believe it or not, driving is good for your car’s battery. By driving your car, the battery gets an opportunity to recharge from the other electrical systems in your car. When your car has been sitting too much, you risk the battery losing the charge and not being powerful enough in order to turn over the engine. What is the solution? Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center mechanics say to drive your car. That will solve much of the problem.Replacing Car Battery

Is your battery old? A battery lasts for three to five years. After that time, it becomes unable to hold a good charge and needs to be replaced. Getting your battery replaced takes just minutes and doesn’t even require an appointment at our Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center. Simply stop by, let us know you need to have your battery replaced and we can take care of it.

Do you have a good charge? Before you replace your battery, it is important to have your charge checked. There is no reason to replace a perfectly good battery, so let our staff quickly determine if you have enough charge to operate your car. If you do, you will save money!

Have you gotten a jump lately? If you have needed a jumpstart recently, then it is time to have your battery evaluated. Needing a jumpstart means that your battery has been worn down. This can be due to leaving headlights on or other reasons. (Many of today’s newer cars automatically turn off headlights after a certain amount of time.) Getting your car checked out means that you can be certain your car will start when you need to drive through Cleveland.

Has your car gotten too cold? Frigid weather is notoriously hard on car batteries. A great time to have your car battery checked is in the fall, right before the bad weather starts so you know your car will start all winter long.

Do you have concerns about the quality of your battery? Bring your car in to the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center today for a battery evaluation and assistance in choosing a new battery. We are here to help!

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