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Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Performance With Fluid Services

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Some of your vehicle’s maintenance needs are obvious—if your tire is flat, for example, it needs to be replaced. While fluid services are less obvious, they are equally important in keeping your vehicle performing optimally on the road. Fluids provide many essential functions in your vehicle, from lubricating moving mechanical parts to facilitating your braking system. Rad Air of Parma Heights offers all of the fluid exchange services you need to keep your vehicle performing well and protect your car’s internal parts and systems.

Oil changes are just one of the fluid services we provide. Many drivers know that their oil should be changed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles, but what about the other fluids in your car, like radiator coolant and brake fluid? We generally recommend that these fluids be checked approximately every 1,000 miles or during your regular vehicle service visits at Rad Air of Parma Heights.

Why Fluids Need to Be Replaced Regularly

Knowing the Risks of Deteriorated Fluids

Your vehicle fluids are subject to deterioration over time. If you can’t remember the last time your vehicle was serviced, you are likely driving with some old and contaminated fluids in your vehicle—and that is not good news. When you run your vehicle with fluids that contain dirt, debris, or other contaminants, you subject your vehicle’s parts and systems to undue wear and tear, taking a toll on your vehicle and start to affect its performance and overall safe operation.

Rad Air can check vehicle fluid exchange services off your to-do list. How can you keep track of all of the different fluids in your vehicle and ensure they are in good condition? With Rad Air, you don’t have to. When you bring your vehicle in for a maintenance service or seasonal inspection, we will check all of your fluid levels and recommend any necessary system flushes or exchanges. Rest assured that you will drive away with optimal fluids in place for the best possible performance from your vehicle on the road.

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