Too cold? Too warm? Your heating and cooling system can help you and your family remain comfortable during your trips throughout the Cleveland area and beyond. Responding to the needs of your passengers, you may never think about the heating and cooling system in your car until it doesn’t work anymore. Are you tired of driving around with no heat or air conditioning? Here are a few things that the professionals at the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center want you to know about how you get warm and cold air in your car.

  • Your car will run just fine without heating and cooling. While the heat and air conditioning keeps you comfortable, when it isn’t working it doesn’t alter the operation of your car. You may be too cold or too hot, but your car will be running just fine.
  • The heat is always there. When the heat in your car does break, it doesn’t mean that there is no heat, it just means that it isn’t getting to you. Generally, an issue with a fan is the trouble with heat that simply won’t work as the heat is generated from the engine.
  • Air conditioning is another matter. Providing air conditioning is another, entirely separate system. While the same vents and fan system is used, your car does have coolant in it, much like your home’s air conditioning system.
  • Your heating and cooling systems do more than just keep you from sweating or freezing. Think about this: What do you do if your windshield is fogged up and you can’t run the defroster? That is a problem, one that necessitates the operation of your heating and cooling systems. They keep you safe.
  • Fixing your system may be simple. If your heating and air conditioning systems aren’t working, there are simple fixes that might work, including changing a blown fuse or adding more coolant.

Having trouble with your heating and cooling system in your car? Don’t wait for the hot weather to arrive to get it fixed. Call the Parma Heights Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center today for more information.