Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses

Rad Air Seven Hills

When people think about critical systems in a car, they rarely think about belts and hoses. In fact, your car’s belts and hoses keep your car operational. The professional car care technicians at the Seven Hills Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center have the education to understand exactly how to maintain the network of belts and hoses in your car. Belts and hoses are critical. Here’s why:Car belts and hoses

  • They move fluids. Everything from coolant to oil is moved through hoses. These fluids keep your car’s engine cool and lubricated and even provide pressure for items like your brakes to work.

  • They break down over time. With age and exposure to a wide variety of hot and cold temperatures, the system of belts and hoses that keep your car running may degrade. Having them checked regularly can keep you on the road.

  • Belts move gears. There are so many moving parts to an engine. Many of these are run by belts. They can stretch over time with age and exposure to heat. Our master mechanics can determine when you need replacements installed.

  • Easy to fix. Luckily, belts and hoses are generally easy to fix and our service technicians will get you back on the road in no time at all.

Just bring your car into the Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center in Seven Hills and we’ll be happy to perform a belt and hose check. Our trained staff will let you know what repairs need to be made and will get you back on the road fast. Call the Seven Hills Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Center today!

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