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Rad Air of Seven Hills

At Rad Air in Seven Hills, we can help with all of your tire needs. Whether you need to have your tires inspected, or you need to shop for a new set of tires, we are your local tire resource. Our technicians will carefully assess your existing tires for signs of age, wear, and tread depth to help you determine whether it is time for new tires.

Advice From the Team at Rad Air

How to Shop for New Tires

Here are some things to think about when purchasing tires:

  • Evaluate your need for new tires. Determining when to replace your tires is more complex than simply following a pre-set timeline. Your tires’ wear and tread depth will depend more on the volume of driving you do rather than the age of the tire. Our tire experts at Rad Air of Seven Hills can evaluate whether you need a new set of winter or all-weather tires or if you simply need a tire rotation or wheel balance service to help maintain your existing tires.
  • Compare and save! At Rad Air of Seven Hills, we will start the new tire selection process by talking to you about your driving habits and budget before we make a recommendation. We will also help you compare tire options from different brands and potentially save money on your selection.
  • Size matters. Did you know that the larger the tire, the more costly it can be? Each car and truck model requires a specific size. Some tires also have options for different details, such as unique tread patterns. When selecting your new tires, it is so important to ensure you have selected the proper size for your vehicle model.
  • Winter tires are an option. With the challenges of winter driving in Greater Cleveland, snow tires may be an excellent option for your car. Our tire experts can help you determine if winter tires are a good investment for you depending on your vehicle and driving style.

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The tire specialists at Rad Air of Seven Hills are ready to assist you in inspecting your current tires, handling any needed tire maintenance services, and helping you select and purchase new tires. The first step is making your tire service reservation.