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As you drive in Seven Hills, your vehicle’s heating and cooling system helps to keep you and your passengers comfortable in the cabin. Your car’s heating and cooling system is similar to the HVAC system in your home, which controls the movement of warmed and cooled air. However, if your vehicle’s system fails, your safety on the road can be compromised. As an example, the air conditioner in your vehicle runs on defrost mode—as long as it is above freezing outside—and pulls moisture from the air. If the defroster fails, the moisture will result in condensation that fogs your windows. This leaves you vulnerable to an accident.


The heating and cooling system in your car relies on permanent coolant, referred to as antifreeze, to operate. With a higher boiling point than water, permanent coolant protects your vehicle from overheating. The coolant also has lubricants and anticorrosion properties that protect your engine from chemical reactions. Rad Air Seven Hills will maintain your engine with regular fluid exchange services. If your system becomes contaminated, we will perform a flush and refill service. Every time you have your Lube, Oil, and Filter changed, we recommend also having your car’s heating and cooling system inspected. The entire system should be serviced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles—or 3 to 5 years—or as needed.

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During your service, our team will check for proper cooling, heating, airflow, belt condition, coolant level and condition, cabin airflow, and more items that are unique to your vehicle make and model. A critical part of this inspection is checking mode operation, including heating, defrosting, ventilation, air conditioning, bi-level, and recirculation. When we identify a problem with any component, we will perform high–quality repairs that ensure your system runs the way it should going forward.

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