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Protecting Your Vehicle With Fluid Exchange Services

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As a car owner, you know there are certain things that you need to do to keep your car performing at its best: You monitor your tires’ air pressure, change the oil regularly, and make sure you never head out with a low tank of gas. But how often do you think about your vehicle’s fluids? Oil is not the only fluid that your vehicle relies on for its essential functions. Rad Air of Seven Hills provides all of the fluid exchange services your vehicle needs to run smoothly and perform optimally.

In addition to oil changes, your vehicle might require a variety of fluid exchanges at any given time—including transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, differential (axle) fluid, transfer case fluid, and washer fluid. These fluids need to be regularly inspected, flushed, and topped off as needed to keep the components of your vehicle operating as they should. We recommend oil changes every 3,000 to 7,500 miles and other fluid exchanges approximately every 30,000 miles or during every service visit.

Why Fluids Should Be Routinely Exchanged

Understanding the Risks of Contaminated Fluids

Fluids can become contaminated over time. Oil, brake fluid, and other types of vehicle fluids are susceptible to collecting dust, dirt, and debris from exposure to outside air. Any fluid can break down due to this type of contamination, as well as from heat, chemical reactions, or additives’ life span expiring. The bottom line is that if you are driving with old, contaminated fluids, you are risking damage to your vehicle systems—and you are definitely undermining your vehicle’s performance. For fluids to be able to lubricate and cool the moving parts in your vehicle, they must be in good condition.

Rad Air of Seven Hills makes it easy to maintain your vehicle’s fluids. Unless you are an experienced automotive technician, it would be impossible to keep track of the age and condition of all of the fluids in your vehicle. Fortunately for you, Rad Air is here to handle the task. When you bring your vehicle in for any service or regular maintenance, we will inspect the fluids in your vehicle and let you know if an exchange service is needed for your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, or other types of fluid.

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We’re Here to Help

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Are you ready to schedule maintenance for your vehicle? We’ll make sure you drive away with your fluids adequately topped off and replaced, if needed. Make sure you take a look at our current coupons before you reserve your service. We look forward to seeing you at Rad Air of Seven Hills soon!