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Many of the major components in your vehicle rely on your engine drive belts and heating and cooling system hoses to operate. If a belt or hose becomes damaged, you will know: For example, if one of the engine accessory drive belts in your vehicle fails, you might lose the ability to safely handle and drive your car, the engine could overheat, and/or you can lose your battery charging ability. If one of the hoses that carry coolant, or antifreeze, through your vehicle’s engine, heater, and radiator fail, your engine will overheat—and you can be stranded. A belt that is going bad may make a squealing noise, but a hose can fail without any warning—like experiencing a flat tire on the highway. For this reason, we recommend having your car’s belts and hoses inspected whenever you have your lube, oil, and filter changed. Every 7-plus years or 100,000 miles, they should be serviced and replaced.

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Cleveland weather is tough on every part of our car, including belts and hoses. Heat, cold, friction, and chemical exposure can lead to their deterioration. This is why the team at Rad Air Westlake will carefully inspect your belts and hoses for any signs of wear and corrosion and remove any damaged parts. We will fit any new belts and hoses to make sure they function properly. While this service is not complex, it is still very important to your safety on the road and should be handled by qualified technicians. Make belt alignment and replacement services part of your regular preventative vehicle maintenance.

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