Belts and hoses seem like the most mundane car parts, don’t they? In fact, the network of belts and hoses that run throughout your car engine are responsible for many of your car’s critical functions. These small parts not only move fluids from one place to another, but they also run gears and pulleys that keep you on the road. Don’t know much about belts and hoses? Read on to learn some of the most important facts how belts and hoses keep your car on the road:

Leaking hoses and slipped belts can stop you from traveling. Leaking hoses that don’t deliver coolant, transmission fluid or brake fluid can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Belts that have stretched over time and slip can cause serious damage to your car’s engine.

Wear and tear on belts and hoses is normal. Chemicals, changing temperatures, under-hood temperatures, and environmental conditions can cause wear and tear on belts and hoses. This is something to be expected. Hoses and belts can crack, blister or simply just fail. The most important action is to have them checked during your preventative maintenance visit at Westlake Rad Air.

An affordable fix. Luckily, having belts and hoses replaced or adjusted is an easy, affordable process. Our car care technicians can change out hoses and replace them with new, properly sealing models. Belts, too, can be easily slipped off of pullies and replaced with newer and improved versions.

Check them regularly. At the Westlake Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center, we evaluate your car’s hoses and belts during your preventative maintenance visits. You’ll never have to worry about long term wear with our courteous service

The best way you can ensure that your car stays on the road is to schedule your belt and hose evaluation at the Westlake Rad Air location. Our team of auto mechanics will make sure your car is safe to drive, and can perform any needed belt and hose repairs. Schedule your appointment today!