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Your car’s engine and transmission are integral to your car’s ability to move. Without these two systems working together to use fuel and provide power to the wheels, your car could not move. If you suspect a problem with either system, we recommend bringing your vehicle to Rad Air Westlake for an inspection of your engine and transmission. We service a wide range of vehicles from automatic or manual transmissions to hybrids and EVs. Our automotive technicians have the expertise, tools, and diagnostic skills needed to thoroughly assess the problem, provide an accurate diagnosis and perform high–quality repairs.

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Maybe your car’s Check Engine light is on. Perhaps you stalled out at a traffic light, noticed a strange odor, or a grinding noise while driving. All of these things are trying to tell you something is wrong with your vehicle. To determine whether there is a minor or major problem, your best bet is to bring your vehicle to Rad Air Westlake. Our team will determine if the issue is with your engine and transmission and, if so, will provide the needed repairs, including transmission rebuilds, engine replacements, fluid exchanges/services, and filter replacements.

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