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When you have a dead battery, you are going nowhere fast. Having a battery that you can count on in the challenging weather that we experience in Wickliffe is a must. The battery in a car is responsible for providing sufficient charge to the starting system to give the engine enough of a boost to turn over. While there is no meter on your dash to tell you that your battery needs to be replaced, a quick trip to Rad Air of Wickliffe can give you all of the answers that you need. Our expert mechanics can attach your car’s battery to a meter and give you a reading in just moments.

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Understanding Your Car Battery

Do you have questions about the battery in your car? Read on for some expert information from the automotive professionals at Rad Air of Wickliffe.

The amount of charge you have available is related to your driving habits. The battery recharges itself from the power generated when you drive your car. Unlike common household batteries that completely drain after a period of time, car batteries are rechargeable. If you haven’t driven your car in a while due to a vacation or illness, your car may have trouble starting.

Harsh weather is hard on batteries. As you may know, any type of extreme heat or cold can cause issues with batteries. If you spend a lot of time driving in very cold weather and store your vehicle outside, then you may need to take certain precautions, like installing a heavy-duty battery. This type of battery will provide longer, more stable power during the winter.

Batteries have a long-term shelf life. Batteries generally last from three to five years. When a battery needs to be replaced, our process is straightforward and thorough. First, we install a memory saver to retain radio station settings, PCM data, and clock settings. We clean the terminal ends, clean out the battery tray, and prepare the area for the new battery. The battery cables are detached, the old unit is removed, and the new battery is put in your car. After installation, we check the alternator output and the battery charging rate to confirm that the system is working properly.

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If your car is slow to start, reserve your service at Rad Air of Wickliffe for battery testing and replacement. We always have a variety of batteries in stock that will work for your car. Don’t forget to check out our coupons to see if we are currently offering any special savings on battery installation or starting system evaluations. Stop in today!