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When you are driving through Wickliffe, you probably are not thinking about whether your car’s engine drive belts and heating and cooling system hoses are about to fail. But, if they do, major vehicle components are at risk: For example, a damaged belt can cause a loss of ability to safely drive and control your vehicle. A damaged hose will not be able to carry the coolant, or antifreeze, through your vehicle to the engine, leading to engine overheating. How can you tell if your belts and hoses are damaged? A failing belt might make a squealing sound, but a hose can fail without any warning. This is why we recommend having your car’s belts and hoses inspected every time you have your lube, oil, and filter changed at Rad Air. They should be serviced and replaced every 7-plus years or 100,000 miles.

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The winter weather in Cleveland takes a toll on our vehicles, including the belts and hoses. As they are exposed to extreme heat and cold, friction, and chemicals, they can become corroded and deteriorate. The team at Rad Air Wickliffe will inspect the belts and hoses in your vehicle with care to look for any signs of damage. We will fit new belts and hoses to make sure they perform the way they should. This simple and quick service is a critical part of your regular vehicle maintenance and should be handled by a qualified automotive technician.

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Prevent more expensive vehicle repairs down the line by prioritizing belt and hose maintenance now. Bring your vehicle to Rad Air Wickliffe for top belt and hose replacement services.