Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses

Rad Air Wickliffe

When you think of car repairs, you may not even consider belts and hoses.

Rad Air BeltsThough they are not the most well-known part of your car’s engine, they are some of the most critical parts in your car. In fact, belts and hoses are the parts that allow fluids to be circulated and gears to move. Making sure your belts and hoses are in good working order is part of the regular maintenance offered by the car care team at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center. Here are some things that we check regularly when we evaluate your car:

  • We take the time to assess your belts and hoses. Preventative maintenance is important. Every time we work on your car, we evaluate the condition of each of your car’s belts and hoses. With our comprehensive knowledge about vehicles, we can let you know whether you are in danger of being stranded due to a belt or hose failure. Leaking fluid or slipping gears are a good indication that there is a problem.

  • Regular replacement. Belts and hoses are exposed to chemicals, heat, cold and friction more than virtually any other part in your car. If we believe your belts or hoses need to be changed out, we will let you know. Some signs of this include hoses that have become brittle, which can cause issues with cracking and leaking. Belts that are frayed or loose also need to be replaced.

  • Rapid repairs. Since car manufacturers know that belts and hoses need to be changed, they have made it easier than ever to get them adjusted. The expert mechanics at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center are able to replace any hose or belt that needs repairs. We will simply remove the hose clamps and fit new hoses in minutes. Belts are replaced by loosening gears and then slipping on a replacement.

  • Repairs prevent later issues. If you don’t want to be stranded because of a cracked hose or a broken belt, then bring your car into the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center. We will evaluate your belts and hoses and recommend repairs that fit into your budget and keep your car on the road.

Belt and hose maintenance is an important feature of the services we offer at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center. Call us today to have our friendly auto mechanics evaluate your car’s belts and hoses and keep your car running and on the road.

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