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Does your vehicle need new tires? And if it does, how do you choose the right tires from the many options available? Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, you can rely on the Rad Air Wickliffe team to give you great advice. Consider these things when thinking through the selection of new tires:

  • Assess the condition of your current tires. If you do not know how to inspect a tire, you can bring your vehicle to Rad Air for a complete tire inspection and evaluation. Tread is the best indicator of your current tires’ condition. While you can expect most tires to last about 50,000 miles, you may need new tires sooner depending on how often you drive, the type of road conditions you regularly experience, and if your tires are showing any signs of sidewall blistering.
  • Tires are not one-size-fits-all. From tires for compact cars to enormous industrial vehicles, tires come in a variety of sizes and models. Putting correctly sized tires on your car will ensure the best vehicle handling experience and optimize your gas mileage. Let Rad Air Wickliffe’s tire experts help you choose the best option for your car.
  • Tire wear is dependent on driving style. How much you drive impacts how long your tires will last. Less costly tires may work well for someone who only drives a little while a more heavy-duty tire may be better for someone who drives 50,000 miles per year.
  • Snow tires can be a good option. If you live in Wickliffe, then you know that driving in heavy snow and icy conditions is sometimes necessary. Most multi-season tires will work in this weather, but snow tires—made of different materials—can be a good investment for Northeast Ohio drivers.
  • We’ll consider your budget. When you come to Rad Air Wickliffe, we will work with you to choose the best tires for your car or truck that are within your price range. Our clients in Wickliffe can begin their search for new tires online using our Tire Connect tool. Search by tire size or vehicle type and view available tire products at Rad Air Wickliffe. Once you find new tires you like, the tool will connect you with our team.

At Rad Air Wickliffe, our team will help you learn how to inspect your tires for wear and remaining tread depth. If needed, we will help you choose the best tires for your carones that not only perform well but also fit your budget. Start your new tire search online or schedule your tire service at Rad Air Wickliffe to meet with one of our tire technicians.

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