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Similar to the HVAC system in your home, your car’s heating and cooling system is what keeps you comfortable in the cabin while you are driving—but this system does more. For example, your vehicle’s heating and cooling system, which includes the defroster and air conditioner, is what prevents moisture from causing condensation in the cabin, resulting in foggy windows. Foggy windows are not a big deal in your home, but they are a major concern when you are driving. 


Your car’s heating and cooling system relies on permanent coolant, known as antifreeze. With a higher boiling point than water, permanent coolant keeps your vehicle from overheating. It also contains anticorrosion properties and lubricant that protects your engine from chemical reactions. Rad Air can help maintain your permanent coolant with regular fluid exchanges. If your cooling system has become contaminated, we will perform a flush and refill service. How often should you have your heating and cooling system inspected? A good rule of thumb is every time you have your Lube, Oil, and Filter changed. Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles—or 3 to 5 years—the entire system should be serviced. The exception is if you notice signs of a potential problem: In that case, bring your vehicle to Rad Air Wickliffe as soon as possible.

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Our technicians can perform any car heating and cooling system services and component repairs. We will thoroughly check for proper cooling, heating, airflow, belt condition, coolant level and condition, cabin airflow, and many more items that are specific to your car’s make and model. A critical part of this inspection is checking mode operation: heating, defrosting, ventilation, air conditioning, bi–level, and recirculation. If we identify any issue, we will provide the quality repairs needed to keep your system performing optimally.

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Rad Air Wickliffe will help you preserve the longevity of your vehicle’s engine by keeping your heating and cooling system, including the defroster and A/C, in top–performing condition.