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There is no shortage of heating and cooling when you live in Wickliffe.

Rad Air Heating and CoolingNot only do you have to live through freezing temperatures of the winter and hot, humid summers. This is not only hard on you, but it can be hard on your car. But, having a heating and cooling system that is working well can keep you comfortable no matter how high or low the temperature might be. Knowing a bit about how the heating and cooling systems in your car work can give you some insight as to how your car manages to keep you comfortable. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Air conditioning is an independent system. While heat is generated from your car’s engine, your air conditioning system works more like the one in your home. A small cooling unit brings down the temperature of the air and then it is circulated with a small fan into the cabin through the vents that are in the dash and in the ceiling and floor.

  • Heating and cooling is a part of your car’s safety systems. While you may think that heating and cooling are only about keeping you comfortable, they are also designed to keep you safe. Having access to a defroster or defogger can make all the difference in your ability to drive safely by keeping your windshield clear no matter the weather. Trying to drive with a clouded windshield is a safety hazard and can cause an accident.

  • Heating and cooling are not considered the main systems in your vehicle. Systems such as the power train, engine and transmission of your car are primary systems. The heating and cooling systems are not. They simply provide warmth and cooling for the comfort of the passengers and a defogging/defrosting mechanism for the safe operation of the vehicle.

  • Heat is naturally made by your engine. With the amount of heat generated by your car’s engine, it just makes sense to use that to heat the interior of your car. The car care experts at the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center describe the heating process as one that allows preheated air to be moved through the passenger cabin with the help of a small fan.

Remember that while air conditioning and heat may keep you comfortable, they also keep you safe. If your heating and cooling system doesn’t seem to be working optimally, contact the Wickliffe Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Center today for a thorough evaluation of your systems and a convenient appointment.

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