Shocks and Struts Repair and Replacement in Wickliffe

Say Goodbye to Your Rough Ride With Rad Air


If you live in Northeast Ohio, then you know that dealing with potholes, cracks in the road, and bumpy construction surfaces are all part of the reality of driving in Wickliffe. When you drive your car over these less-than-ideal surfaces, you can actually lose control and/or damage your car’s frame. Having shocks and struts that are in good condition can save you from costly repairs. Here are just a few things to know about shocks and struts:

Modern shocks and struts are easy to maintain. The car mechanics at Rad Air of Wickliffe say that managing shocks and struts is much easier with new component technology. Instead of having to take the entire frame of the car apart to access the shocks and struts, now individual components can be quickly removed and replaced as needed.

Shocks and struts protect your car’s structural integrity. They can prevent the frame of the car from being bent and damaged when you run over an unexpected pothole. Shocks and struts are designed to quickly adapt to different road conditions and levels instead of putting the pressure on your car’s frame.

Shocks and struts make your ride smoother. No one wants to deal with the bumps that Northeast Ohio roads can dole out. In fact, according to Rad Air of Wickliffe, shocks and struts help your car to adapt to changes in the driving surfaces, keeping you in control, and you and your passengers comfortable, no matter the road conditions.

Shocks and struts offer protection in emergency situations. If you have to stop suddenly or make a quick turn, the shocks and struts help to keep the car level and moving in a way that can be controlled. They work in concert with braking systems to help you make adjustments to avoid a collision.

Are you experiencing a more uncomfortable and bumpy ride than usual, or does your vehicle dip or sway when braking or turning? The auto care experts at Rad Air of Wickliffe will help you to smooth out your ride with our comprehensive shocks and struts service. Contact us for convenient service times with our friendly, expert team of car mechanics.