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Your vehicle’s engine and transmission on a car work together to use fuel and provide power to your vehicle’s wheels. Without these two systems, your car couldn’t move!

Your engine and transmission are comprised of many different components and systems to make them work properly and efficiently. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, Rad Air technicians have the diagnostic skills and mechanical abilities to properly diagnose and repair problems with your engine or transmission. Rad Air’s special hybrid and electric vehicle division, Cleveland Hybrid, can help alleviate any concerns you may have about your hybrid’s engine or transmission.

Pay attention to your Check Engine light. If it illuminates, your vehicle is trying to communicate an issue with you. In order to determine whether the issue is minor or a major problem, visit a Rad Air service center as soon as possible. It is best to assume that when your car’s Check Engine light is flashing, your vehicle is in need of immediate attention.

Also pay attention to any changes in your vehicle’s behavior including jerking, grinding, stalling, slow acceleration, strange odors, vibrations or sounds. Explain any changes in detail to the Rad Air service team and they will make sure to address any concerns you may have.

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