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Just like conventional vehicles with an internal combustion engine, your hybrid vehicle will require similar engine and transmission services. The hybrid vehicle specialists at Rad Air have the knowledge, tools, and training to perform any engine and transmission maintenance or repairs and make sure that your hybrid’s engine is running optimally. From transmission fluid changes to battery system inspection, Rad Air has your hybrid vehicle services covered.

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Hybrid Engine and Transmission Services

What We Include

We will take a comprehensive look at your hybrid’s engine and transmission to check for any signs of damage or degradation. Our engine and transmission services include:

  • Performing engine oil changes to ensure proper lubrication and cooling
  • Inspecting high-voltage battery packs
  • Checking for signs of damage and testing battery performance
  • Maintaining the separate cooling system for the engine and battery pack
  • Checking and maintaining coolant levels and quality
  • Performing transmission fluid services (as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer)
  • Performing a hybrid system diagnostic check
  • Inspecting the conventional braking system

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Top Hybrid Engine and Transmission Services

The best way to keep your hybrid vehicle’s engine and transmission in the best condition possible is to prioritize preventative maintenance at your local Rad Air. Bring your hybrid to us, and we’ll do the rest to keep it performing at the highest level.