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If you want to keep your hybrid vehicle well maintained, you need to prioritize regular maintenance and fluid services. Your hybrid vehicle still needs engine oil changes—while not quite as often as a gas or diesel powered vehicle—because it uses its internal combustion engine (ICE) less frequently. There’s also transmission fluid, which breaks down over time and causes damage to your Hybrid Transmission. Additionally, there is a special coolant(s) for both the ICE and the high voltage inverter. And just like any other vehicle, there is brake fluid, power steering fluid, window washer fluid, and more that needs to be serviced regularly. All fluids need to be flushed on a continuing basis per your owner’s manual. Rad Air’s hybrid specialists are ready to handle all of your fluid services to prolong the life of your engine, transmission, and other hybrid vehicle components for the future.

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Our technicians understand that selecting the right fluid for your unique hybrid make and model is critical for protecting your vehicle and improving its performance. Hybrid vehicle fluids are available in different grades and weights, with some specifically designed to be used in hybrids and EVs. We will take the time and care to make sure we are using premium fluids in the correct weight, resulting in your hybrid’s optimal performance on the road. If you want to trust your hybrid’s fluid services to a shop that understands the complexities of your vehicle’s systems and components, you need Rad Air. We are Cleveland’s hybrid experts, and we will handle all of your fluid service needs.

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Top Hybrid Fluid Services

Fluid services are a critical piece of regular maintenance for your hybrid. Let our team take a close look at the fluids in your vehicle to check for any signs of contamination or leaks. We will efficiently and properly perform fluid exchange services, getting you back on the road quickly.