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Most Overlooked Car Care Services

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When you have busy work and family schedules, the last thing you want is unexpected car trouble. Check out these most commonly overlooked (and forgotten) car maintenance services that can help extend the life of your vehicle and its systems to prevent unexpected visits to the repair shop.

Power Steering Service

Your car’s power steering fluid may become dirty or build sludge within the system over time due to normal wear-and-tear within the system. This reduces the fluid’ ability to lubricate properly and may clog steering components and cause system failures. Ask your auto shop about the condition of your power steering fluid and any additives you may use to maintain the system.

Wheel Alignments

If your wheels are not properly aligned, your tires may wear unevenly or prematurely which ultimately shortens the life of your tires and suspension components. Wheels become misaligned from potholes, hitting curbs or other small obstacles, and regular wear-and-tear on the vehicle. Consider having your alignment checked once or twice a year, or whenever you hit a large pothole.

Transmission Filters & Fluid Changes

Ask your auto shop or mechanic to check the transmission fluid when you get an oil change. While today’s transmissions are reliable systems, it is a good idea to check the filter and fluid periodically to prevent costly repairs. Always check your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals.

Timing Belts

Check your timing belt when your odometer reaches 60,000 miles. The timing belt is an important component which keeps your engine running. Check the owner’s manual for maintenance recommendations on your engine and timing belt and replace the belt if necessary.

Coolant System

Your cooling system is prone to corrosion due to the tough environment inside your vehicle’s engine. Water, electricity, lubricants and heat inside your engine cause corrosion through a process called electrolysis. This can lead to damage and failures in the engine, heater and cooling system. Make sure you have the proper level of coolant or antifreeze every fall and flush the system when it is time.

Add these systems to your list of questions for your auto mechanic. Discussing your concerns with your Rad Air service advisor will alleviate your concerns and extend the life of your vehicle. We’re proud to have helped keep may Cleveland Akron cars on the road for more than 300,000 miles!

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