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June 7, 2021

start your career at rad air

The Benefits of Working in the Trades

Andy Fiffick, founder of Rad Air, often visits Northeast Ohio high schools to speak with students about their post-graduation career paths. Andy’s goal is to inspire students to consider a career in the trades, specifically automotive repair—and for good reason.

There is a skilled labor shortage in the United States. In 2019, as Forbes reported, there were 7.6 million unfilled jobs for skilled workers, but only 6.5 million workers looking for work. If you want to pursue a career that provides on-the-job training, a good income, and opportunities for growth, you can find it in the trades. Companies around the country are looking for roofers, masons, mechanics, automotive technicians, welders, plumbers, and other individuals who possess a unique set of skills, knowledge, and abilities.

While many high school students plan to graduate and go on to college, others find themselves called to work with their hands and follow their passion—whether that is a passion for building things, woodworking, or tinkering with cars. However, there is often a stigma around pursuing technical training or non-collegiate options after high school, and this can deter some students from following that path.

If you or someone you know is thinking about their future career, encourage them not to overlook the opportunities that exist in the trades. Remember that:

    • Working in the trades is not a fallback alternative to college—it is a fine first option.
    • Technical school is usually more affordable than college, with less student loan debt.
    • Automotive technician and mechanic are respectable job titles and occupations.


Become a Rad Air Automotive Apprentice

Learn on the Job While Earning an Income

In 2019, there were 756,600 jobs for automotive service technicians and mechanics in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). As more experienced automotive techs and mechanics retire, it is critical for companies like Rad Air to hire and train a new generation of skilled automotive technicians. That’s why we offer apprenticeship opportunities for any individual who is eager and ready to learn and expand their auto repair skills.

Rad Air’s Automotive Apprentices:

    • Work with an experienced shop mentor on a training and development plan
    • Work toward meeting quarterly learning goals
    • Gain the ability to complete a variety of auto repair tasks in their first year
    • Become valued members of our Rad Air family

The main qualifications to become an apprentice are a clean driving record, a professional and courteous attitude, and a willingness to learn and complete assigned training.


Become an Automotive Apprentice