Good or Bad? Noises Your Transmission Might Make

March 22, 2024

Is Your Transmission Going Out?

Your vehicle may be telling you that your transmission is starting to fail and/or having issues with the noises it is making.

Was that a whinny or a screech? Was that grinding noise excessive? Is the noise going from bad to worse? Your transmission’s unique noises can paint a picture of transmission health and give you an idea of how well it’s working.

Why Is My Transmission Making a Whining Noise?

If your car is making a high-pitched whining noise that is amplified when you shift into reverse, you may need a transmission fluid service. If you shift into reverse and the whine gets louder before you even give it any gas, you may have a clogged filter or other problem.

Why Is My Transmission Grinding?

Grinding noises while the car is in drive could mean that the planetary gear is damaged. If your planetary gear is out of alignment or damaged it can have widespread damaging effects on your vehicle. If you hear a grind, you should have your transmission inspected immediately. If your transmission is grinding while you are shifting gears, there may be friction between gears for various reasons, like worn out transmission linkage or insufficient transmission fluid.

Why Is My Transmission Making a Gurgling Sound?

This particularly peculiar sound means you probably need transmission fluid. The “gurgle” is produced when the fluid is low, and air bubbles build up. This is oftentimes accompanied by the phenomena of the car falling out of gear when you come to a quick stop. Your car might have a transmission leak or you might have forgotten to check the level of the transmission fluid in the vehicle.

Why Is My Transmission Constantly Whining?

There are many reasons why your transmission might be making a constant whining noise: Most commonly, this is due to a low fluid level, but it could also be due to transmission gears that have become worn or a torque converter that is failing. The torque converter is what connects the power source of your engine to the load. When it fails, it can lead to overheating, degradation of the transmission fluid, and other damage to the transmission.

How to Diagnose a Bad Transmission

Any loud or high-pitched noise that your transmission makes needs to be looked at by a pro, and Rad Air has Cleveland’s best transmission mechanics just waiting to help your car get back to a nice, quiet ride. If you can’t tell where a particular noise is coming from, bring your vehicle in for an inspection and diagnosis. It is always better to have a professional pinpoint the cause of any noise before trying to repair it. Schedule a visit today for our engine and transmission services, and help your car get back to its top performance. Have questions or concerns about our services? Reach out to our customer service department.

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